Experience Health and Relaxation

Our app gives you three integrative choices  for your health and relaxation.

  • Select the icon to the far left and be guided to breathing techniques.  These easy breathing techniques will relieve your stress and tension by activate your inner, innate ability to nurture and heal.
  • The center icon is where each of the seven meditations are individually waiting to remove your tensions.  By hovering over the individually colored icons you will be guided to one of the seven meditations.  Each color is associated with specific organs and areas within your body, ready to be restored.
  • The icon to the far right brings all seven of these centers to you in succession.  Float away as you tranquilly care for your body, mind and spirit.  Simply settle inward and experience the profound effects of total well-being.

Your inner sanctuary awaits.

Be swept away with 7 different colors and guided meditations to bring about 21st Century health and wellness.

Each color you will see are specific to areas of your body, ready to blossom in health.

  • Red nurtures your legs, hips and movement of your body.
  • Orange nurtures reproductive organs, intestines and is your creative center.
  • Yellow nurtures digestion, metabolism and your self esteem.
  • Green nurtures your heart and expressions of love.
  • Blue nurtures your voice, in all forms of communication and self expression.
  • Indigo nurtures our ability to connect to higher planes.  This chakra is also called the 3rd eye.
  • Violet nurtures our ability to trust and live in happiness.  It is our connection to the forces that are greater that we are.

Having all of these centers in balance, encourages total comfort and wellness in your life.